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Vitality, from
farm to tail

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Copywriting, Packaging Design, Artwork, Print Management.

Our redesign of heritage dog food brand Vitalin delivers a contemporary twist on traditional countryside codes. Based around a new brand idea of Vitality, from Farm to Tail, the design tells the story of how Vitalin’s locally-sourced meats, vegetables and botanicals are the ultimate source of a dog’s vitality. The hero of the design is a new brand icon featuring a silhouetted dog with a barn created in the negative space of his front and rear legs. The dog turns to look at the sun, or perhaps a ball, suggesting both the outdoors and an active lifestyle.

For dogs that love the land

Covering a broad range of flavours and age ranges, the packaging design system uses strong colour-coding to denote different recipes. The lower third of the pack is dedicated to depicting the countryside, using evocative but abstract illustration styles for a natural feel, with bright, bold colours to differentiate flavour. The brand icon sits on top of the landscape, cleverly creating context for the dog/barn idea to come to life. Beyond packaging, the colourful landscapes create an abstract countryside backdrop for a range of applications across digital and print, accompanied by a new photography style featuring active and energetic dogs enjoying the countryside and expressing their vitality.

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Brand Strategy.
Visual Identity.
Packaging Design.
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