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The Duppy Share

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A blend of fine aged Jamaican and Barbadian rums, The Duppy Share is inspired by Caribbean folklore and takes its name from the belief that duppies (ghosts of the dead) steal the best of the rum from each barrel as it ages. We worked to create the brand from scratch, then extended the range, to launch The Duppy Share Spiced.

The brand identity contrasts day and night, enabling the depiction of a sunny Caribbean scene to communicate provenance, alongside the shadowy suggestion of activity after dark. The unexpected and ownable visual style helps avoid Caribbean cliché, while the depth and richness of colour is unique within the world of rum, ensuring the brand stands out on the back bar and issues a real challenge to the category.

To build on the history and authenticity of the duppy story, B&B chose an evocative illustrative and typographic style inspired by 1930s travel posters. The foiled monogram and sunburst enhance the brand’s premium cues and emphasise the contrast of darkness and light, while the irregular application of the back label creates a crafted and small batch feel.

The Duppy Share Spiced is the brand’s first line extension, and the design retains and empowers the story behind the original brand identity, whilst allowing Spiced to stand strong as a product in its own right.

Developed with award-winning drinks consultant Robin Honhold (Mr Lyan Studio) The Duppy Share Spiced introduces pineapple, kola nut, and Carribean spices, to create a spicier partner to The Duppy Share Aged. The result is a versatile craft rum for cocktails and to pair with mixers.

The eye is drawn to this shapeshifting creature with its crocodile head and feathered legs, dancing playfully across the bottle. In the background, visual elements from the original Duppy Share Aged design are subtly woven in.

The introduction of Spiced establishes a clear point of difference through a shift in how the brand tells its story through design. We also introduced a UV element to the packaging, enabling the bottle to come alive at night – just as the mischievous Duppy comes out and dances in the moonlight.

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