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Make friends
with food.

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Created to support an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, our brand creation SUPERKEEN is here to help people with allergies or auto-immune conditions, make friends with food. Launching with a range of allergen-free cereals, the brand seeks to build positivity and community around AIP-eating (auto-immune protocol) and creates products free from nuts, dairy, gluten and seed oils.

Inspired by founder Caragh Keane’s own experience of a lupus diagnosis, SUPERKEEN aims to make AIP eating easy, while also being an inclusive brand for all health seekers – not just those with allergy issues.

What Does Anti-Inflammatory Feel Like?

Inspired by the relief of being inflammation-free, we created our brand mascot Cloud Guy to embody the feeling of lightness and bodily wellness. His chill vibes set the tone for the whole brand – from a laidback personality, to rounded graphic forms and soft, curved textures. Cloud Guy is accompanied by a crew of allergen-inspired characters, designed to bring the brand’s food philosophy to life with a sense of fun that appeals to adults and children alike.

Make friends with Superkeen

SUPERKEEN’s friendly and supportive approach comes to life across communications from web to social, and the brand hopes to build a loyal and active community among both foodie influencers and allergy activists. Along with providing allergy-free food, SUPERKEEN intends to be a hub for education, information and campaigning.

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