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Pip & Nut

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From creating the brand back in 2014, to launching a more sustainable jar in 2021, we’ve worked side by side with Pip & Nut as they’ve evolved from challenger nut butter to must-have lifestyle brand. Throughout we’ve helped them stay true to our original organising thought of positive energy across every touchpoint from brand personality to new product development.

The brand’s upbeat approach has forged an exceptional bond with young, health-conscious consumers, and enabled it to develop into new categories too.
In its first four years, the brand grew from £0-£10m.


Created to reinvent perceptions of peanut butter as a tired toast topping, the Pip & Nut brand empowers versatility. With its iconic logo and energetic design, the brand has moved effortlessly from traditional jars to on-the-go sachets, and found success as both a protein snack and a favourite in healthy confectionery.

Today the brand is the fastest-growing nut butter in the UK, with an average 10.5% growth each year. A retailer favourite for its ability to attract new consumers to nut butter, Pip & Nut is now available in all major UK grocers.


In the very first months of launch, Pip & Nut was contacted by Nike to partner with them on running events for women, and further brand collaborations have followed cementing Pip & Nut’s credentials as a lifestyle brand. The launch of the brand’s own cookbook, on sale in lifestyle stores from Oliver Bonas to Selfridges, highlights nut butter’s versatility as an ingredient and perfectly demonstrates how good design can elevate a brand from supermarket staple to desirable life accessory.

“Of course taste is a factor but the pack looks so good people want to try it – it’s the magpie effect.”

Pippa Murray, Founder


Launched in 2021, our new glass jar has helped premiumise Pip & Nut’s offering, while enhancing its sustainability credentials. Following a manufacturer audit, we created two sizes of jar with the same footprint for the filling line, as well as the same opening for a single size lid. Using the minimum amount of glass possible without impacting performance and premium appeal, the optimised jars have saved time, energy and materials, and are, of course, reusable and recyclable.

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