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Kit & Kin Household

Protecting your
world, naturally.

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On a mission to become the number one sustainable lifestyle brand for families, Kit & Kin has extended its offer from the mother and baby space into the broader world of home and personal care. Since creating the brand back in 2016, we’ve helped them evolve at every stage on their journey, including designing a new refillable eco-cleaning range.


The Kit & Kin visual identity and design style was originally created for baby-based ranges, however it has always avoided any childlike codes or cliches. As a result, its Scandi-inspired and style-conscious feel has enabled a smooth transition into this new category.

The illustration crafted for the cleaning range are a sophisticated evolution of the nature-inspired shapes that feature on the brand’s baby-focused products. Rendered in soft black linework, they are an abstract interpretation of cleaning imagery – from bubbles to dishes to surfaces – bringing character and differentiation to the set of refillable pouches.




Built around the ethos of ‘protecting your world, naturally’, Kit & Kin is committed both to limiting the environmental impact of products, and also protecting vast areas of rainforest through the Kit & Kin Foundation.

Extending the brand into cleaning represents a huge step on Kit & Kin’s journey to creating a home-wide offer of non-toxic family essentials. From newborn nappies to laundry liquid, everything the the brand offers is effective, affordable and eco-friendly.

How we helped:

Brand strategy.
Visual identity.
Packaging design.
Print management.