Braver design for a brighter tomorrow.


A braver today is
a brighter tomorrow.

Ever since we set up B&B 15 years ago, we’ve been driven by our belief that a braver today is a brighter tomorrow. We’re incredibly proud of the community of bold, innovative and courageous leaders we’ve been able to work with – brands and businesses that share our desire to do things better.

As an agency, we’ve always urged our clients to make brave decisions, and we’ve been inspired by their example in turn. That’s why 12 months ago we began working to become a B Corp, knowing that the rigorous B Corp process and standards would help us work towards becoming the bravest version of B&B that we could be.


B Corp has helped us find new ways to be better at the things that matter to us; our people, our work, our community, our environment. Today, we’re delighted to share the news that we have been certified with 89.6 points – a score we couldn’t have achieved without our incredible team and the support and example of our client community. It’s the beginning of our journey and now the work really begins.



B.Corp is about creating a new kind of business; one that balances profit with people & planet. It’s about ensuring inclusivity and sustainability to create businesses that work for everyone. B.Corp sets standards that measure a company’s performance across the entire social and environmental spectrum.



For us B.Corp isn’t just a badge, it’s about making meaningful change – in which we all play a part. We have set up key teams across B&B who together represent our culture, wellness, community and environment. Each teams’ goals will be measured across the year and shared in our impact report.

Our current impact score across governance, workers, community, environment and customers can be seen here.

Get in touch anytime to chat about our B Corp journey – we’d love to share our experience and learnings.