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Unearthing Hidden Stories.

Why forgotten tales are key to future relevance.

by Lisa Desforges on 05/07/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Sometimes it’s the forgotten or neglected stories that can be the most interesting. The stories that are pushed aside or taken for granted, but that actually make us who we are. We often find this when refreshing existing brands.

At B&B, we work on a combination of new brand creation and brand development. And while brand creation offers us a blank sheet of paper to start an exciting story from scratch, our approach with existing brands is often to uncover and re-tell their lost or hidden stories.

A story of time well spent

When working with Peter’s Yard, we saw an immediate connection between its unhurried sourdough process, and the leisurely pace of life of the Swedish countryside that originally inspired by the brand. This respect for time well spent – whether in making and savouring food, or simply in appreciating life – became the idea behind every element of the rebrand, letting us tell the brand’s story at every touchpoint, and giving us the confidence to behave with a calm, unhurried manner within a fast-paced FMCG category.

Unearthing this authentic brand truth enabled us to develop a more iconic and crafted packaging design, as well as inspiring ongoing content for communications and social media with a broader values-driven lifestyle perspective.

A story of the earth’s biomes

We partnered with Everleaf as the brand was planning to expand from a single variant to a range of three alcohol-free aperitifs, requiring us to re-articulate the brand’s commitment to conservation from a generic plant-made story to a richer tale of biomes and biodiversity.

Each flavour in the range is inspired by one of nature’s biomes – Forest, Mountain and Marine – and made with botanicals from those eco-systems. This enabled us to create three evocative worlds for packaging and beyond, but tie them together with a single, stronger, brand story that celebrates the founder’s twin passions for creative bar-tending and conservation biology.

A story of the British countryside

As with all design projects, our brand refresh for Belvoir drinks came with clear business ambitions, including a desire to grow the brand by appealing to younger consumers, yet perhaps counter-intuitively, the solution has taken the brand back to its traditional farming roots.

After visiting the Vale of Belvoir and discovering the hidden story of the brand’s responsible stewardship of the local wild eco-systems, we were inspired to celebrate that very authentic relationship with the countryside. The new design feels crafted by nature, introducing a fresher and rawer feel to illustration and photography, while establishing a connection to the wild countryside to inspire broader communications and social media. The brand’s new look retains the essence of existing brand equities, while its more authentic story-telling removes the twee-ness that was holding the brand back in the contemporary soft drinks market.

When the right story is unearthed and re-articulated, it can be the key to unlocking a complete reimagining of a brand – from its visual and verbal identity, to its communications and ultimately its relationship with consumers.

Lisa Desforges is Head of Strategy at B&B studio