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What are the stories that look set to stick?

by on 28/02/2024

As the alcohol-free category evolves beyond simple 0.0 versions of our favourite tipples, what are the stories that look set to stick?




The ‘less but better’ moderation mindset is premiumising the alcohol space with higher quality offers aimed at indulgent weekend occasions. But what does that mean for Monday through Thursday? Weekday drinking is a huge opportunity for non-alc beverages that can offer an effortless evening vibe that’s big on flavour and low on fuss.

New entrant Citizen Spritz is doing just that with its instant spritz mix, delivering an Aperol-style drink in seconds just by adding sparkling water. With 20 serves in a single bottle, its simple, sustainable and affordable approach fits perfectly with a mid-week mood.



The concept of mindful drinking can mean more than simply moderating. With many consumers making choices to shop and live more sustainably, mindfulness can mean choosing brands with a demonstrable commitment to people and planet.

At Everleaf, sustainability and alcohol-free go hand-in-hand: the brand was created by a conservation biologist to create drinks using carefully-sourced ingredients that actively support the eco-systems and communities in which they grow. The brand’s range, and its design, is inspired by the earth’s natural biomes, with three flavour variants known as Forest, Mountain and Marine crafted only from traceable and sustainable ingredients.