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Meet the Jury

B&B's Jennie Potts & Jack Gibbons to join The Pentawards & Design Week Award Juries.

by B&B Studio on 28/03/2023

B&B’s Associate Creative Director, Jennie Potts will join The Pentawards jury, for her second year running. Design Director, Jack Gibbons has joined the 2023 Design Week Awards jury.


Jack Gibbons leads the design team across both brand creation and brand redevelopment projects in the food, drink and lifestyle space. Whether helping to invigorate longstanding brands, such as Belvoir Farm or introducing new and vital challenger brands to market, such as The Duppy Share, BEAR and Peppersmith, Jack delivers difference and disruption across every aesthetic.

Jack is passionate about a strategically driven creative approach that allows brands to build meaningful and multidimensional relationships with consumers. He believes in the power of big creative ideas that simultaneously deliver on functional needs, human values and desirable aesthetics.

Associate Creative Director Jennie Potts is passionate about driving diversity within the industry. Here at B&B, she manages the internship programme and regularly mentors and trains the next generation through partnerships with Creative Lives and university design departments.

A lover of purposeful and meaningful design, Jennie has judging experience at both the Fabs, Design week and The World Whisky & Gin Awards, and has herself been recognised for multiple awards.