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Managing Brand Change

The fine art of evolving brands. In conversation with B&B’s Head of Strategy, Lisa Desforges.

by B&B studio on 11/01/2024

Defining what change should look like for your brand means aligning your business goals with your distinct brand essence. There’s no one size fits all solution, but important questions do re-occur.

Here we share our key considerations if the time calls for considering creative change at your business.


Is it time to pare back and spark joy? 

After a series of iterative design changes and additions, brands can often find themselves adrift from their true essence and personality. When you’re struggling to see the wood from the trees, a thorough equity analysis can help discern what’s working – and, crucially, why.

For chocolate brand Baci – a much-loved Italian icon – attempts to make the brand more ‘global’ had resulted in an overly corporate design that lacked the authenticity that makes the brand so special. By emphasising the emotive equities that spark consumer joy, and losing the brand’s more generic design assets, our recent rebrand re-establishes Baci’s iconic status, transforming perceptions while retaining every bit of recognition.


Do my brand equities need to work harder? 

Sometimes your design is playing all the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order. Layout and emphasis are critical in elevating standard pack elements into a powerful design system, delivering greater clarity, readability and impact without changing the basic building blocks. Our redesign for Quaker demonstrates this principle, introducing strong design systems with clear coding rules that make their larger ranges easier to decode without layers of extra communication.


How can I smarten up for success?  

The world of packaged food and drink has been revolutionised over the past two decades by a host of start-up and entrepreneurial brands seeking to provide new and better options for consumers. Often launched with a minimal branding budget, such brands frequently seek out a refresh once they’ve cemented their position in the marketplace. For a passionate brand owner, letting go a much-loved design can be an emotional journey, but a sensitive evolution can set the foundations for exceptional brand growth. Our brand refresh for Fever-Tree is a great example of how design expertise can transform an awkward bit of branding into an truly iconic design. The result is packaging that truly meets the standards set by the product.


Do I need to look back to go forward? 

Belazu is a brand with a strong founder story at its heart, yet its design had become product-led, with packaging failing to reconcile the broad range with the central story that makes those products special. While our initial brief had called for only evolutionary pack changes, our strategic journey soon demonstrated that the brand’s story needed to be told in a much bolder and clearer way – leading to a brave revolutionary redesign. Like a lot of successful rebrands, the new Belazu identity has energised the brand inside and out.

Article originally published by Pentawards.