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B&B's Senior Strategist Emma Davies explores our changing relationship with relationships.

by on 14/02/2024

Whether you embrace it wholeheartedly or it gives you the ick… Valentine’s is here again. And with it, the usual parade of red, roses, and ribbons, waiting to be gifted to that special ‘one’. But underneath the romantic fanfare, deeper shifts are taking place, re-shaping our very relationship with relationships.

Today, love knows no bounds. With one in five Gen Z and millennials deeming monogamy to be outdated*, and terms like ‘situationships’ in the running for the 2023 Oxford word of the year, our understanding of love is evolving.

So how are the brands we live beside keeping pace with this boundless notion of love? And is the Valentine’s narrative fit for purpose in these changing times?


Lush – Love as friendship.

The cosmetics brand known for its bold approach to advocacy, sustainability, and ethics, has launched a ‘Palentine’s’ gift box this Valentine’s. Packed with colour, fun, and cheer, this is a long way from the stereotypical world of hearts and romance, and instead celebrates the friendship side of love with self-care products for your BFF.

19 Crimes – Love as unconventional.

In keeping with its rebellious side, the wine brand 19 Crimes has made a commitment to rewrite the rules of love this year. From a prototype 1125ml sized bottle allowing throuples to share three glasses of wine together, to a limited-edition Heart label on its red wine bottles featuring 12 alternative relationship types to monogamy.




Baci – Love as inclusive.

When redesigning the iconic Italian chocolate brand Baci, here at B&B, we made the decision to remove the heterosexual kissing couple stamp that had long defined the brand’s ‘love’ story to enable a more individualistic and personal experience of love for every consumer.

This isn’t a Valentine’s rewrite as we know it. We reckon the red, ribbons, and roses can stay, but alongside them brands should take the time to carve out space for a more inclusive and diverse celebration of love in all its forms.




* 19crimes consumer research (2024)