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Brave New Word: Samantha Moyo

Get together and hear from an exciting mix of fresh thinkers and doers.

by B&B Studio on 20/01/2023

Brave New Word is all about talking, listening and networking – a great opportunity to get together with fellow brand leaders and founders, and hear from an inspiring mix of fresh thinkers and doers.

Kicking off 2023,  Samantha Moyo shared a talk on the ‘Joy of Keeping the Faith’.

“In challenging times, the one thing we must cultivate is faith. Not only to enhance our own joy and resilience, but so we can better serve our communities and consumers too.

Today’s world is under reconstruction. From a 4-day working week to climate migration, gender fluidity to phone calls from Mars, these are complex, intense but magical times”.

An event and discussion on how we can adapt to societal evolution and its many contradictions in the most joyful of ways.

Sam founded and sold Morning Gloryville, the wellness dance movement that spread to 23 cities around the world and pioneered the now thriving sober industry. Named as one of the fastest community builders by Harvard Divinity School, Sam is a 2 x TEDx speaker; Board advisor and innovation consultant to wellness, eco and creative businesses.