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Brave New Word: Mark Shayler

Get together and hear from an exciting mix of fresh thinkers and doers.

by B&B Studio on 19/06/2023

Brave New Word is all about talking, listening and networking – a great opportunity to get together with fellow brand leaders and founders, and hear from an inspiring mix of fresh thinkers and doers.

On the 22nd of June 2023 we are excited to be hosting the brilliant Mark Shayler.

Mark is Founding Partner of the Do Lectures and the author of Do Disrupt: Change the status quo, or become it.

In a world where business has created many problems, Mark feels that enterprise and creativity are fundamental to solving them.

Ahead of Mark’s new book ‘You Can’t Make Money From a Dead Planet: The Sustainable Method for Driving Profits’, this talk outlines the fall of purposeful business, giving a picture of a future powered by creativity and better business.