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Brave New Word: Miriam King

Culturally Relevant? To who? Miriam King on winning Gen Z's hearts and minds.

by B&B studio on 22/11/2023

At our latest Brave New Word networking event we will be Gen Z myth busting with a talk from Miriam King, Founder of research and co-design studio LIVING PROOF. A strategist, cultural producer and youth worker, Miriam works at the intersection of youth culture, communities and social impact. She partners young people with brands and organisations including Virgin Money, Assembly Global and UN Women UK, to help them create the solutions and products that young people are actually looking for.

About the talk: Do you read conflicting things about the lives of Gen Zs and don’t know who to trust? Do you want to build on your cultural relevance but feel unsure what this actually means for your brand? This talk will share insights on how to truly connect with young people today and consider your ‘cultural relevance’ in the right way.